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By: Sverre Sjøthun

Free Willy - A question about human rights?

Norway, whaling and hunger catastrophies in Africa. The subject is bound to cause trouble. Celebrities in USA and other western countries has collected and spent well above 15 million USD and 4 years to prepare Keiko to yet again be free, the whale from the "Free Willy" movie. The problem is that Keiko came to Norway, the homeland of blood-thirsty whalers.

MUST DIE? The famous killer whale Keiko should be put to death, says Norwegian whaling expert Nils Øien

MUST DIE? The famous killer whale Keiko should be put to death, says Norwegian whaling expert Nils Øien

-This is all madness, says whaling expert Nils Øien at the Institute of Marine Research in Bergen, Norway, to VG Nett, the online edition of Norway's largest newspaper.

-First they spend millions on taming him and turning him into a movie star. Then they spend more millions on turning him back into a wild animal. They should have let him live and die in captivity. Now that they have decided not to keep him in captivity, they should put him down. Those who believe that they are helping Keiko by setting him free, are really doing the opposite, says Øien.

The roughly 10-meters long Keiko was released from his pen in Iceland in mid-July and swam some 1400 kilometers to Skålvikfjorden in Western Norway. There Norwegian children have been petting him and swimming with him.

Norwegian whale expert Nils Oien has said the whale hasn't got much chance of surviving an icy winter and might die of starvation. My take on this is that Keiko might die of starvation -- along with over 13 million Africans.

Birgitte Bardot, a living legend, has spent years and years fighting for animal rights, which is good. When Bardot heard about cute, poor little Keikos future, she decided to write a letter. To the future Queen of Norway, hoping she would get involved and do everything in Her Royal Majestys power to save Keiko.

Birgitte Bardot praying for Keiko

Birgitte Bardot praying for Keiko

How is it possible for fellow humans to spend 15 million dollars on what in reality only is a 10 meter piece of meat, while 13 million people in Africa is starving to death as we speak? It disgusts me and surprises me how shallow the West has become. Because this mammal has been in a Disney-movie, it should be freed and saved at all cost? Is it because Keiko is so much cuter than 13 million skinny Africans? Or is it simply because we are too afraid or too scared to face the reality and chose to look the other way, focusing on something more pleasant?

Animal rights is all good, I was brought up with dogs and cats and I love them, but if I had to choose between saving a pet and another human being, I, for one, would get my priorities straight.

Sverre Sjøthun

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