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Guidelines for submitting news and articles

News Posts
On the submit page, you’ll see three text boxes. The first box labelled "Title", simply enter the title of the article, for example "Sysadmins Restore Iraqi ISP". The second, "Link", box is for the article URL. Simply paste it in.

Finally, there’s the "Article Summary" box. You can either type a summary your self or provide a quote from the article.

Note: No HTML allowed in the "Article Summary" box. After submitting your news, it will be controlled by our staff and published if the news post is suitable.

Article Submissions
As we know many of our readers are highly skilled professionals and capable writers, we offer the users a possibility to submit their own articles. Your submission may be a review, an article, a tutorial, or simply good tips, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be related to computer hardware. If you are good at something, why not share it with the rest of the world? In addition, when we need more staff members, where do you think we’ll start looking?

Before we go on explaining how you post your own articles, we'll have to mention that not all articles will be published. We have certain standards on the content we must keep, and these standards are high. Your article or review does not have to be extremely high-tech or in depth -- as long as it is well written, we'll post. But even if your first article gets rejected, please feel free to tweak it and re-submit. I have had many of my own articles rejected several times in a row, so this is absolutely normal.

And remember, the more you write, the better you get -- have some one read it before you post and get their opinion, or do some more research. Eventually, I'm sure you get published.

Common Problems When Writing and How To Improve Your Writing Skills
Many write exactly what they think rather than think about what they write. The result may be that you get contradicting statements spread over the different pages, repeated statements, poor language and no flow. One of the most important things to remember is to make the content easy to read, even though the article or review has a high technical level -- other people are actually going to read it.

Go through your article or review and analyse it. Are there any info is missing? Are there any inconsequent statements or conclusions? Can some elements be misunderstood? Are there any ambiguous statements? And last, but not least, is it easy to read, or should you consider rephrase?

The Forms
The form for submitting an article is basically the same as for the news, although a bit more advanced. Your article title goes in the "Title" field. Below, you’ll find the "Article summary". Make sure to make both short and as descriptive as possible. This is the part that gets displayed on the frontpage, and the more interesting it looks, the more people will read it.

"This is first leg of our reviewing pentathlon for water-cooling systems. In this leg we will take a closer look at the latest and greatest from innovatek, the innovaCOOL rev 3.0. It scores definite points in the looks-department, but is beauty only skin-deep?"

Finally, we have the "Article content". Obviously, this is where the content goes. Our backend system automatically inserts paragraphs, so you do not need to use the <p> tag. Simply hit your enter-key twice where you want a new paragraph.

If you want to use subtitles in your article, make sure that it complies with the standard on the rest of the site, just like we have done in this description. The subtitle must be bold, using the <b>BOLD</b> code.

If you have to quote someone, make sure to check if it’s ok with the author of the quoted article. Failing to do so, and your article will not be posted. Furthermore, all quotes must be in italic, using <i>ITALIC</i>, look at the quote from the InnovaCOOL review above.

You can upload images to use in your article. It is important that you resize the images before you upload. No image should be wider than 600 pixles. All images must be .jpg or .jpeg format as the backend system does not accept any other formats. When uploading your picture, it will automatically be generated a thumbnail version of the picture as well.

After uploading the images you need for your article, you'll see that there's now a list of available images to the righ of the content textbox. To insert your images, click the link -- the system wil automatically insert the correct HTML code for you. Be aware that the code ends up at the end of your document, and you may have to cut out the code and insert it where you want the image to appear in the article.

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