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PipeDream case mod
September 11, 2002, by Alan Vincent

Shiny metal and exotic cooling solutions is Alans speciality. This time around he show us his latest creation made out of polished aluminum, copper pipes and a couple of huge heatpipes to cool off his Xeons. Read to find out more.

Copper Tube Case Mod, Part 3
July 18, 2002, by Alan Vincent

One month ago we posted the first Copper Tube Case Mod article. With the third out in this series, Alan shows us how to mod an ordinary $15 coffee-table into a computer case.

Copper Tube Case Mod, Part 2
June 13, 2002, by Alan Vincent

Sometimes you're better off not telling the truth. Really. Because who in their right mind would admit they're buying 80 feet of coppertubing, about a hundred copper fittings, blowtorches et cetra for their new PC case?

Copper Tube Case Mod, Part I
May 31, 2002, by Alan Vincent

Once in a while you just get these crazy ideas, and you realize "this is something I just have to do!". This tutorial is a step-by-step guide to prepare yourself for case-modding extravaganza.

Radiator Fan Shroud
May 21, 2002, by Keith Thompson

Using a watercooler in your computer, mounting the fans directly on your radiator leave you with a deadzone in the center of the fan. Read on as we show you how to make a shroud for your fans to optimize performance.

The FrankenCooler II, the Return of the Beast
October 14, 2001, by Sverre Sjøthun

In relation with my Mahogany Wooden Case project, it was time to make some changes on the watercooler as well. Not that the old one wasn't good, quite on the contrary, but there were a few things that I found really annoying about it. What was a really good plan turned into a grotesque mix of computer hardware, autoparts and fiberboards -- It had turned into what one of my lecturers used to refer to as "optical noise". This tutorial covers the improvements on my cooler.

Project Stealth Cooling
August 9, 2001, by Sverre Sjøthun

In this article I’ll outline my quest for PC silence. I’m not 100% there yet but many people are requesting details now so I quickly put this "report" together. I’ll try to keep it interesting & informative as I can, so expect many pictures because I’m not really a writer.

Mahogany Wooden Case
December 29, 2000, by Sverre Sjøthun

As the need for a bigger case grew stronger and stronger, and especially with the upcoming modifications on the cooling equipment in mind, I found out that I had to do something. I started out looking for available cases on the net, but found out that the cases I wanted cost like 800-1200US$. I think that

Modifying a Digital Thermometer
December 27, 2000, by Sverre Sjøthun

In relation with my wooden case project, I came to think of that it would be nice to have a digital thermometer mounted, and I found one that I could use. Only problem was that this had one external and one internal diode. I wanted two externals...

The FrankenCooler I
September 27, 2000, by Sverre Sjøthun

Celeron 466@735MHz, Watercooled, TEC assisted , maybe the fastest Celeron 466 in the whole world!

PanaFlow Sandwich
March 7, 2000, by Sverre Sjøthun

I have, as many of you out there, been wondering how the PanaFlow could possibly fit a Celeron. I happened to get my hands on one of these babies, and decided to find out.

Overclocking the Celeron 466 PPGA:
November 11, 1999, by Sverre Sjøthun

When it comes to overclocking processors, it seems like the Celeron is by far the most overclockable CPU. There are several reasons to this. Different plants also have higher success rates, with Malaysia producing the most stable Celerons available.

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