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 Mahogany Wooden Case
By: Sverre Sjøthun, December 29, 2000  Print this article


Guess it ain't too much to say about this pic...just got wheels on it:


As always, whether you're overclocking or not, casecooling is important. I was lucky enough to get my hands on four 4,5" DC12V fans from two old Compaq servers we scrapped at work, and they were put to use in this project. The worst thing I know is noisy computers, and fans will make the case start "singing" i.e. resonance...that is unless you disconnect the fans from the case. I used this procedure to completely eliminate any form of resonance:


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  The beginning
  The back and power/reset buttons
  LEDs and power/resetbuttons cont.
  Mounting the digital thermometer
  Digital thermometer continued
  Laminating the top of the case
  Casecooling continued
  The final result

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