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 Mahogany Wooden Case
Mounting the digital thermometer
By: Sverre Sjøthun, December 29, 2000  Print this article


As I work along, I always come up with cool stuff that I just have to do. This is the built-in digital thermometer. Originally it had one external and one internal probe, but I modified it, covered in this tutorial , so that it now has two externals; One for the CPU and one for the coolant:


First thing you gotta do is to find out where to put it and then mark the spot. I used the plastic frame it originally came with as a template when cutting. It also had round corners, so I drilled one hole in each to ease the cutting job.


You can barely see it here, but there are marks here where I made the first cut. You can click on the image above for a bigger picture. This part requires surgical precision, and the three or four first cuts must be made with a minimum amount of force. It is so easy to cut wrong here, and if you do, you will have quite a problem...


This image should be a little bit more clearer. The first sets of cutting is done, and I have cut away some of the veneer on the inside. This makes it easier, and you can apply quite some force.

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  The beginning
  The back and power/reset buttons
  LEDs and power/resetbuttons cont.
  Mounting the digital thermometer
  Digital thermometer continued
  Laminating the top of the case
  Casecooling continued
  The final result

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