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 The FrankenCooler I
By: Sverre SjÝthun, September 27, 2000  Print this article


Next up is to make sure that the whole CPU/waterblock package is completely sealed against condensation/ice. Condensation occurs when a hot and a cold face meet. You all know the familiar dew drops on a bottle of beer on a hot summer day. Thatís exactly the same thing happening on your CPU if you donít insulate it properly. Depending on the relative humidity and ambient temperature the dew point will vary to some degree. In a standard living room the dew point will vary from 13Cį to about 16Cį and since we are talking about sub-zero temperatures, itís very important to make a good job here.

I used quite a few hours to find out whatís the most suitable material for this, and I finally found a thing called Aeroflex. Itís highly resistant to humidity, heat, itís very easy to work with and itís cheap too. I bought about 1m2 Aeroflex mat for roughly 11 US$. If you canít get your hands on Aeroflex, you can use literally any kind of foam with a closed cell structure. Now you may ask, ďwhat is closed cell foam?Ē The answer is simply a foam mat you canít blow though. When you buy a motherboard or a graphic card, itís packed in a foamy, white or pink mat. That's excellent to use as insulation, and itís free.

Fig. 5 Insulation

Fig. 5 Insulation

On the image above you can see how Iíve cut the Aeroflex mat to a tight fit on the slotket and waterblock (Never mind the Celeron in that pi..I lost the original picture, and this was the best I found). Choosing the right slotket for supercooling is important too. There should be enough space between the slot1 connectors/pins and the socket so that you can have sufficient insulation here. It is in fact the most critical place when it comes to insulation, so that is why I chose the Asus S370-D. The pictures below shows you the whole package with hoses connected inside the computer:

Fig.  6 Sandwich mounted

Fig. 6 Sandwich mounted

Fig. 7 Closeup of the cooler

Fig. 7 Closeup of the cooler

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