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Putting things together
By: Sverre Sjøthun, September 27, 2000  Print this article


Now that I’ve got all the stuff I need, how am I going to do it? My original idea was simply to build a box to put underneath the computer, and put the radiator, pump, PSU for the TECs and reservoir inside it. The box was made out of plywood because it’s cheap and easy to work with and fastened to the bottom of the computer with a few bolts.

Fig. 1 The Dog House

Fig. 1 The Dog House

As you can see from this picture, there is an airduct from the radiator in front through the back of the “doghouse”. On the back of the doghouse there are four 4,5” 12V fans that I ripped out of two old Compaq servers. After testing them at 12v I found out that I could run them at 5V yet still have sufficient airflow through the radiator in the front. The result is a very silent super cooler, but if I run them at 12V it pretty much sound like a Boeing 747 at take-off

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