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Thermo Electric Acceleration
By: Sverre Sjøthun, September 27, 2000  Print this article


Given the fact that the cooler a CPU gets, the higher efficiency you get, the ultimate goal to an avid overclocker is to get his/hers as cold as possible. With this standard watercooler setup, you’ll end up with a CPU temp just above your room temperature and pretty good results. To attain the really high speeds, you need one more component. A "Peltier-element" or a "Thermo Electric Cooler" (TEC). I’m not going to write too much about this, since there already are a lot of "peltier basics" available elsewhere on the net.

Simply put, this device consists of a lot of PN junctions, just as in diodes and transistors, and uses the Peltier-effect. This means that when you hook it up to a PSU, it gets really hot on one side and really cold on the other side. Naturally, the cold side faces down on the CPU, and the hot side faces the waterblock. Since the CPU should in any case have as even temperatures as ever possible, it’s important to use a piece of metal between the TEC’s cold side, and the CPU.


Because this will serve as a buffer between you CPU and TEC. Yes it’s added mass to cool, and you won’t get as low minimum temperatures as without, but you’ll get much more stable temperatures. The minute the CPU-load increase, the heat production will increase as well. With a coldplate, this increase will go much slower than without and this again will prolong the life of you CPU.

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