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 Overclocking the Celeron 466 PPGA:
By: Sverre Sjøthun, November 11, 1999  Print this article


When overclocking a CPU, you do it for increase of performance. It’s not always visible differences between the different CPU-speeds so I’m using WinBench99 to monitor and evaluate the different speeds. The tests has been run three times each, then average score has been added to the chart below.

The FPU-score seems quite ok to me, but the CPUmark32 really gave me a headache. I finally figured out that there was an application running while benchmarking. At first the CPUmark32-score for the 466 @ 602 was 971, which was much less than I expected. When looking at the scores for the 300a @ 504and the 466 @ 574 it really doesn’t look right to me and to be totally honest I have no idea why, even thou the 300a have 112MHz FSB and the 466 have 82MHz FSB.

Final words:
Overclocking a CPU will definitely increase the overall performance of the system. Take a look at the "classic" Celeron 300a. Overclocked to 450MHz it’s an equal or even better performer than the PentiumII450. But when you are starting to overclock way beyond what’s "normal" for a given CPU, like a 300a at 558 or even higher, you need more cooling. More cooling equals more money spent, equals less "bang for the bucks".

Then you hit the point of no return and overclock just to squeeze the last few megahertz out of that poor lapped thing, regardless what the cost of the cooling-equipment may be. This is where I am right now. Within a few moths I see myself overclocking my new system to 7-800MHz cooled by water, or even better: freon.

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