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 Overclocking the Celeron 466 PPGA:
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By: Sverre Sjøthun, November 11, 1999  Print this article


Because of the size of the heatsink, or actually a few caps on both sides of the socket, I couldn’t really make it fit without slightly modifying it. First rows of fins on both sides had to be removed, so I chopped it off. After this modification, it went right down on the socket and the CPU. I’ve never tested this heatsink before, but the first thing that struck my mind was "is this thing really running?".

Compared to my "old" Alpha on my 300A, it was so quiet I didn’t think it was connected at all. Time to power up again. It booted at 602Mhz (2,1V core) to Windows, and I ran the first WinBench99 CPUmark32 on this system. Everything was 100%, so I restarted and upped it to 611Mhz (2,3v core) and ran CPUmark32 for three hours or so. After these tests the CPU-temp was still at 30° C (sensor2, picture below). Quite impressive.

The TEC:
Now, after adding the TEC, things didn’t actually turn out the way I was hoping for. The temps are not acceptable, and I was actually hoping this would enable me to run it stable at 92MHz FSB. This is because I could utilize the 1\3 divider of the bus, which then would turn the PCI-frequency down to 31MHz. At 609, the FSB is at 87MHz, and is giving my harddrives a hard time with the PCI-speed at 43,5.

It did POST at 644MHz, but bluescreened while loading Windows. As it seems to me, this is a cooling issue, so I guess I’ll have to figure out a better way to cool it. The highest frequency I managed booting into Windows98 with cache enabled was 623MHz (89MHz FSB), quite unstable however.

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  Exit Retail heatsink-combo, enter BIG MoFoHo-REX.

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