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 PipeDream case mod
Early production stage
By: Alan Vincent, September 11, 2002  Print this article


The shell of the case is made from one eighth inch thick, two inch wide flat stock with two inch angle stock for the corners. The individual pieces are clamped into three eighths inch C-channel stock using brass machine screws. The close-up image of the lid shows how the C-channel is drilled and tapped for screws. The same principle applies to the construction of the case itself. The top and bottom of the case are C-channel frames. The result is a case strong enough to stand on....or throw off your second-floor balcony in a fit of rage (long story, different project).

I laid out the motherboard and other components in a manner that allowed the case to be as narrow as possible, so the heatpipes would be fully outside the case. The CDROM and powersupply are mounted beside each other at the top of the case, but they are turned sideways to save width. The CDROM is attached to the lid and pivots upward along with the lid when the lock is opened. A small gas strut is used to provide support and lift. The power and reset buttons are beside the CDROM attached to the lid, as well. You'll need the key, jigsaw, or a drill to access the buttons and optical drive. There are no pictures of the opening lid because it is currently not finished. I'll include those pictures in my next project, "XPipe", utilizing an overclocked mega-heatpiped Athlon 1900+. Project "Moonshine" will evolve from that concept, using a heatpiped 200watt TEC array, some laboratory glassware, and chilled-watercooling of the CPU core. This website is the exclusive showcase of my creations, so bookmark it or you'll miss out.

backside of lid

backside of lid

top of lid

top of lid

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