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 Copper Tube Case Mod, Part I
By: Alan Vincent, May 31, 2002  Print this article

Once in a while you just get these crazy ideas, and you realize "this is something I just have to do!". This tutorial is a step-by-step guide to prepare yourself for case-modding extravaganza.


They can fit all on one little board now. Something about the size of a common postcard, with a comprehensive array of built-in features that go a long way toward eliminating the need for expansion slots. High-speed peripheral interfaces like USB2 and Firewire, or IEEEE 1394, allow for limited future expansion, in the absence of “proper” PCI slots. The era of the big motherboard and big hardware is coming to an end. Nothing lasts forever. Nothing good, anyway.

“A personal computer is a machine”, they keep saying. Maybe “they” have low standards for what qualifies as a machine, I say. There aren’t any moving parts that are visible, are there? What fun is that? Anyhow, removing the side from the case won’t improve matters all that much, with the exception of the excitement generated by a spinning fan or two. A computer needs more “mechanical” stuff, if you ask me. Nothing looks more “mechanical” than metal does.

It all began in 1999, three years ago, when I used copper tubing in my watercooled dual Celeron project. My first experience with case-modding was a rewarding one, thankfully. The result was very functional and looked quite unique, with polished copper supply & return lines and a large vent on top hiding the radiator.

My first case mod, a watercooled dually Celeron rig

My first case mod, a watercooled dually Celeron rig

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