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 Radiator Fan Shroud
By: Keith Thompson, May 21, 2002  Print this article


I hope with the assistance of these photos and this article, it will help those of you trying to add water-cooling to their systems. With so many variables in a water-cooling system from fans, cases, water blocks, pumps, fittings, hose length, and ambient temperatures, the one item that will transfer the heat from your system the best is a heater core.

I have lived in Arizona for nearly 45 years and the outside summertime temperatures can reach 115 degrees with inside temperature reaching 78 degrees in my home. Water-cooling will help give me that added edge this year keeping my CPU temps below what they were last year and allow me to push the limit a little further. Currently I am using a T-bird 1.4 @ 1620 at 8c delta, while running Prime 95 the temps will rise to 11c delta. Gone are those hurricane sounds that use to emit from my family room and my wife no longer ask what’s wrong with the computer.

Keith Thompson

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