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 Radiator Fan Shroud
Mounting the Shroud
By: Keith Thompson, May 21, 2002  Print this article


I used a beige Antec SX1040 case for my project. I installed 3/8” black foam to the entire bottom to absorb any vibration from the pump and the two 120mm Panoflo fans (which are mounted to each side of the heater core). I wanted the heater core to sit on the foam. The pump I used was an Eheim 1250 317 GPH. I change the stock inlet fitting to a 90 degree fitting which will reduce the flow through the pump. On my setup with a 12” rise this pump will deliver 190 GPH. Through the Gemini High Volume Water Block I recorded 64 GPH.

The shroud mounted

The shroud mounted

My next step was to mount the fan-core-fan into the case. I positioned the heater core with fans inside the case and on top of the foam. You need to make sure that the fan is butted flat against the backside of the chassis. You'll need to do some measuring to locate the four fan holes or somehow place marks through each fan hole onto the metal and drill the holes from inside of the case.

Fanshroud mounted, front view

Fanshroud mounted, front view

Once the heater core was mounted I located the center of the fan and used a compass to draw a 4”1/2” circle on the front of the chassis. You’ll then drill numerous small 1/16” holes within this circle leaving just enough metal so the front panel looked like mesh. The reason for this is I wanted to place a filter in front of the intake fan and the metal will retain the filter from being pulled into the fan. On the motherboard side of the case I put two 1” holes that were aligned with the top and bottom fan mounting holes. Reason: So I could access the front fan and place locknuts at each fan screw hole. Again I used 10-24 machine screws. These holes are hidden behind the side panel.

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