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 Radiator Fan Shroud
Making the Four Sides
By: Keith Thompson, May 21, 2002  Print this article


Using a disc/belt sander I set the fence again to a 22-degree angle. Using 1” x 1/16” brass stock (purchased at a local Ace Hardware), I ground the angle to match the jig. Using the jig I aligned one side of the brass stock with the jig and took a pencil to draw a line following the jig on the other side.

Grinding flat stock

Grinding flat stock

Next I took a hacksaw to cut outside of the pencil line. Using the disc sander I removed the remaining brass so the brass aligned with each side of the jig. I continued cutting and grinding the remaining three pieces so each piece fit the jig.

Shroud sides supported by the nails

Shroud sides supported by the nails

With all four sides resting against the jig I used two small nails on each side of the jig. I bent the nails so they would apply pressure on the brass to hold the brass in place. Using flux and solder for brazing brass I solder the top four corners. Next I removed the shroud from the jig and turned the shroud over and soldered the bottom four corners.

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