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Repairing a Damaged Motherboard
July 12, 2003, by Chris Thomas

About a year and a half ago, I scored what seemed to be a dead motherboard. With a dremel, soldering iron, and some donor parts, I got it working again.

DDR and RAMBUS Data Transfer Explained
July 8, 2003, by Robert Halford

Many find the difference between FSB, DDR, RAMBUS and how it works quite confusing, so in this short write-up, I'll try to explain the difference. Enjoy.

Symmetric Multi Processing at a Glance
July 8, 2003, by Sverre Sjøthun

In dual processor x86 systems, the two processors operate indepedent of each other and are able to function simultaneously. But there are many myths and different beliefs on how SMP works. Read on to find out how it really works.

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