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Warpzone 12 LAN report 2003
October 8, 2003, by Sverre Sjøthun

Warpzone is an annual event held in my hometown Stavanger, Norway. Over 400 young, and not so young, people gathered together for gaming, tournaments, modding and socializing. Read on as we give you the report of this years event.

Guide, Dual Power for under $2000
September 18, 2002, by Steffen Scheibler

After some looking around for someone who wanted a cheap machine that had high-end specifications I came to the rather surprising conclusion that you could own a dual AMD system equivalent in power to dual Xeon system for under $2000 – and that’s a fact, not a theory that stems from having to buy from 20 different vendors in order to get the cheapest of everything.

9/11/01 - In Memoriam
September 11, 2002, by Robert Kropiewnicki

A year ago today, terrorists hijacked four commercial jet liners. Two of the planes were crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center, one plane was crashed into the Pentagon, and one plane crashed into a Pennsylvania field due to the heroic resistance of the passengers. I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on those tragic events as well as the shape of the world a year after the attacks.

Free Willy - A question about human rights?
September 7, 2002, by Sverre Sjøthun

Norway, whaling and hunger catastrophies in Africa. The subject is bound to cause trouble. Celebrities in USA and other western countries has collected and spent well above 15 million USD and 4 years to prepare Keiko to yet again be free, the whale from the "Free Willy" movie. The problem is that Keiko came to Norway, the homeland of blood-thirsty whalers.

Unlocking the Multiplier on Intel Processors
February 18, 2002, by Sverre Sjøthun

Ever since August of 1998, overclockers have had to face the fact that they were no longer able to manipulate the multiplier, as Intel had chosen to lock it. We have taken it upon ourselves to prove that it is in fact possible to remove this lock with even simple tools.

New Site Design and Upcoming Reviews
January 27, 2002, by Sverre Sjøthun

I am very pleased to present to you the new and improved site design. We have tried our best to make a fast, easy to read and intuitive site with a new features, and others to come. In addition, we'll be putting up some reviews pretty soon. Read on to learn more about the upgrade and the upcoming reviews.

How the Enthusiast Community Seems to be Missing the Boat on nForce
October 29, 2001, by Robert Kropiewnicki

The computer enthusiast communities are a fickle crowd. We await each new hardware development with baited breath. We scan the previews and reviews, inside information and third party speculation, always hoping that the next great thing is about to become available. But are we judging the nForce chipset by the right criteria?

Semiconductor Electromigration In-Depth
July 24, 2001, by Sverre Sjøthun

What is electromigration? A lot of people know that an increase of the bus speed gives you higher CPU speed, higher bandwidth on RAM, and in fact an overall increase in bandwidth of your other peripherals as well, but what happens to a chip when you overclock it, run it at over rated speeds and don't provide it with proper cooling? What are the long-term damages? This is what we'll cover in our electromigration in-depth analysis.

The Copper Story, The Story Behind the Copper Processors
March 23, 2001, by Sverre Sjøthun

When transistors are formed on a silicon wafer, traditional manufacturing methods join them in an electrical circuit by depositing tiny aluminum tracks between them. The semiconductor industry has used aluminum wiring on chips for over 30 years. The shrinking size of semiconductors has made aluminum more and more problematic, since it resists the flow of electricity, as wires are made ever thinner and narrower. Read the story behind the copper core processors.

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