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DWPG.Com - Review, Prometeia Phase Change Cooler, Part II   
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 Review, Prometeia Phase Change Cooler, Part II
By: Sverre Sjøthun, April 29, 2003  Print this article


Despite a number of incidents and setbacks, we have finally managed to complete the review, and we're glad we didn't give up. What Chip-con has done is to make an incredibly stylish and powerful cooling solution with many great qualities. As with any products, there are things we'd done differently, but all are minor details. And that's actually the most annoying part. These are just "stupid" things that we believe should've been rectified early in the development of this system.

We send Chip-con an email with our concerns(detailed in Part I) for them to clarify, and here are the Q's and A's:

Q1: Template supplied for the modding-kit is incorrect.
A1: The new Prometeia models have a different layout. The template will fit these perfectly.

Q2: Template is too short, so you'll have to measure where to align, front or back.
A2: This is done on purpose, but it must be aligned with the back.
(ed. note: not specified anyhere in the manual)

Q3: The screws used to fasten the LianLi to the Prometeia is too short. 0.5cm extra would've been enough.
A3: We have never experienced any problems with this, but we have noted your concerns.

Q4: We've seen reports of the copper tube breaking off. I assume you've heard of this, and I was wondering what your response to this is. One of these forumthreads can be found here.

A4: I did see that thread and was a little surprised, so I did a search in all of our support mail and found only 7 cases where people have broken the hose. We have taken most of these systems home and after examining them we saw that all but 2 systems were damaged due to severe force being used on it, something we state in the terms and conditions that the warranty doesn’t cover. If the damage was because of a bad welding or similar it’s covered by the warranty.

Why buy a system like this?

I think there are two types of potential users -- the extreme performance enthusiast and the professional that demands extreme performance. Either way, you will find what you are looking for should decide to buy a Prometeia. We have proven beyond any doubt that it can increase productivity as well as save you a lot of money if you are a professional user that need heaps of processing power.

Likewise, as a computer enthusiast, you will get the fastest single CPU system money can buy, and you will even outperform dual Xeon rigs that cost more than twice as much -- how's that for bragging rights?

I think we can say that Chip-con does have a winner on their hands, although maybe for a limited target audience. Professionals needs to see the benefit for sure, because we can't think of any other solutions that offer that good of a price/performance ratio. Chip-con also has a new version of this system with many refinements, and we hope we can present a thorough review of the MachII in not too distant future.

- Great price/performance ratio
- Stylish design
- Great performance
- NO condensation during 24/7 testing

- A few annoying details
- A bit loud(35 db(A) at normal operation, 40dbA during start-up)
- A bit heavy (19Kg cooling unit only)
- Too few think they can afford one

Finally, we would like to thank Chip-con for supplying us with the Prometeia cooling unit, Corsair for the excellent RAM and Komplett for the CPU, Asus motherboard and a lot of patience.

Sverre Sjøthun

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