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 Guide, Dual Power for under $2000
The Rig
By: Steffen Scheibler, September 18, 2002  Print this article


After many, many hours of searching high and low, I came up with a basic idea of what would be needed:

- Dual CPUs
- RAID 0
- At least 512MB of RAM

Anything else that is high-performance is, of course, nice, but not absolutely required. In the end I opted for a moderately decent 3D video card in case this guy's son wanted to play some games.

Here is what I came up with:

NumberDescriptionUnit PricePosition Price
1Chieftec Dragon DA-01DB, with 351W Enermax PSU€135.00€135.00
2AMD Athlon XP1900+ CPU€107.00€214.00
1MSI MS-6501L, K7D Master-L, AMD 760MPX, LAN, Dual (reg DDR)€257.00€257.00
1Corsair DIMM 512MB PC2400 DDR CL2 (CM64SD512) (PC300)€230.00€230.00
2Thermaltake A1239/A1267 Silent Viking (Copper Core)€18.50€37.00
1MSI MS-8866 G4MX440-T, GeForce4 MX440, 64MB DDR, TV-out, AGP€105.00 €105.00
1SoundBlaster Live 5.1 Player€36.50€36.50
1Aopen 1648Pro (Pioneer Drive), 16x DVD, 48x CD-ROM, Slot€55.00€55.00
1LiteOn LTR-32123S/LTR-32125W 32x/12x/40x, Smart-Burn, Retail€65.00€65.00
3Maxtor DiamondMax D740X 60GB (6L060J3)€105.00€315.00
1Promise FastTrak TX2000 ATA133, PCI 66MHz, Bulk€131.00€131.00
1Mitsumi 1.44MB FDD€11.00€11.00
5Pabst 80x80mm Adjustable Fan (750 - 2250 rpm) (14 - 23Db(A))€12.00€60.00
1Enermax 92mm Adjustable Fan (15 - 27Db(A))€15.00€15.00
1Arctic Silver€7.00€7.00
1Cherry Keyboard€20.00€20.00
1MS Mouse€17.50€17.50
Excluding Sales-Tax (rounded a little)€1,425.75

Prices are in EUROs, but the exchange rate to the US$ is practically 1:1 (0.99 US$ to 1 EURO), and these prices include a 20% sales tax. The very last price is excluding sales-tax. What you may pay in your country for this system can vary quite wildly from what I paid, but I have listed a few similarly priced machines on the following page, and that should give an idea of its value in relation to the current market.

Purchasing all the parts proved to be an interesting experience, as they came from 4 different vendors (All internal components came from 1 vendor, the casing from another, the keyboard & mouse from high-street shop and the fans were bought from an electronics shop). Why 4 different vendors? Some of the vendors have a more flexible approach to "in stock" than I do. In any case, after 4 days I had all the parts which is not bad anyhow. I usually figure that 10 days is the upper limit before I start making nasty phone calls or declare the attempt a failure.

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  The Rig
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