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 Review, Innovatek innovaCOOL rev3.0 watercooler
Mounting the kit
By: Sverre Sjøthun, March 13, 2002  Print this article


The assembly of the kit was done in less than 20 minutes, including the removal of the heatsink, removing old and applying a new layer of Arctic Silver. During the leakage testing, I discovered some drops forming around the cap on the reservoir – not a good sign. The pump was turned off, the cap was further tightened, and the pump was started again, yet it still leaked. My quick-fix on this problem was to put the whole pump/reservoir assembly in a big bowl of water. By doing so, I was also able to remove the tiny waterbubbles that were forming at the outlet of the pump.

Due to the leakage problem around the cap on the reservoir, I was unable to mount everything inside the computer – I had to run the leaking part, the reservoir, fully submersed in the bowl. However, if everything had worked the way it was supposed to, this kit would be very easy to mount in the Chieftec servercase(reviewed here). There is plenty of room right above the powersupply for the radiator, and the pump/reservoir could be placed in the bottom of the case, maybe fastened with some heavy duty velcro for easy removal.

Fig. 6 The Chieftec servercase.

Fig. 6 The Chieftec servercase.

Since all the parts are so small, I think this kit would actually fit inside a midtower with ease, although you might have to use the Eheim 1046 and one 120mm fan instead of the Eheim 1048 and two 120mm fans. Doing so would naturally affect the coolers performance, especially under heavy load.

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