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 Review, Chieftec DA01BD Servertower, Part I
Case cooling
By: Sverre Sjøthun, February 8, 2002  Print this article


The Chieftec case is big, very big, and most individuals that would consider this as their next case probably have a lot of hardware they want to put into it. Therefore it's important to cool the case properly, and this is another aspect of the Chieftec case that I really like. There are snap-in cartridges for five 80mm fans; two in the back, right next to the CPU, and three in the front.

Fig. 4 The fan brackets in the back of the case.

Fig. 4 The fan brackets in the back of the case.

In this particular setup we used two IBM 60GXPs in RAID0 hooked to the High Point HTP370 RAID controller on our Abit KG7 RAID. In addition, we had two IBM 18GXP as scrap-disks, and four 7200RPM drives produce, naturally, quite a bit of heat. Some of you might even use several 10.000 or 15.000RPM SCSI drives, thus making cooling of the harddrives an important issue. For harddrivecooling, Chieftec have used the same fan-brackets as in the back of the case.

Fig. 5 The drivebays with one 80mm Papst fan mounted.

Fig. 5 The drivebays with one 80mm Papst fan mounted.

The last 80mm fan-bracket is located in the very bottom of the case, using the same clips as the other four. As far as I can see, there's only one problem when it comes to the cooling of the case; most 80mm fans, or at least all of our Pabst fans came with the 3-pin connector, and I'm not sure I would recommend using all of the motherboard fanheaders due to the increased load on the motherboard. For some it might even be impossible if you plan on using the case in an SMP setup. One solution is cutting the three wires, put on a four-pin connector and hook them directly to your powersupply. Only drawback is that you'll loose the tacometer function of the fans. Finally, there's one slot for a 90mm fan right above the power supply. Thus far, we haven't needed to use more than two fans; one in the front cooling the two IBM 60GXPs and one in the back, right next to the processor.

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