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 Review, MSI NEO-LSR 875P Canterwood Motherboard
Testbench and benchmarks
By: Sverre Sjøthun, June 19, 2003  Print this article


The Testbench
- Intel Pentium 4 2.4C Processor
- MSI NEO LSR (Canterwood Chipset) Motherboard
- Corsair TWINX4000 RAM, 1024 MB DualChannel setup
- Maxtor D740X Harddrive
- Creative 440MX Videocard
- TSP 550W powersupply
- On-board LAN and Soundcard
- Prometeia phase change cooler

The Benchmarks
We have done things a little differently this time. The current trend dictates that the difference in performance between different boards based on the same chipset is small and thus stability becomes one of the most important aspects when deciding exactly what motherboard to choose. That is why you will not find one single performance-graph here today. In the table below, you'll see how our extensive stability test was performed.

Test descriptionTest Result
3DMark2001SE: Loop, 24 hoursPass
Prime95: Loop, 24 hoursPass
3DMark2000SE+ Prime95: Loop, 12-hoursPass
DVD rip, WinAmp MP3, 3DMark2001SE: SimultaineousPass
Windows Media CD Playback, SiSoft Sandra BurnIn: SimultaineousPass

The MSI NEO-LSR passed every single one of our stability tests without a hitch. These tests are more demanding then they may appear -- any instabilities or driver conflicts will show and cause the system pausing or hang.

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