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 Review, Asetek WaterChill Watercooler Kit
By: Steffen Scheibler, August 29, 2003  Print this article


What are we looking for in water-cooling kit?

I would say that the bulk of people are looking for extra performance benefits from the lower temperatures. They are also seeking the possibility of noise-reduction and cooling other parts, e.g. VGA and HDD, using the same system.

Asetek have provided for all these needs with WaterChill™. The KT03 kit is only for CPU-cooling, but Asetek also cater for water-cooling chipset and VGA using WaterChill™. The KT12 kit allows all 3 to be done with one convenient bundle. This means that upgrading is an option.

One thing that I was quite surprised by was the ease with which the kit was installed. I will admit I have done far more complex things to PCs in the past, but if you read the manual properly you will have this up and running in less than an hour if you have a 120mm fan slot in your case. Even without one, I got everything up and running in well under 90 minutes.

I also cannot fault the performance, which even at 7V gives a good air-cooled system a very hard run for its money.

If you feel like tweaking this system a little then I would recommend buying a rheobus, which can be found for around 2EUR, to adjust the 120mm fan to around 10V, which gives excellent performance and is still fairly quiet.

- Very easy to get up and running
- All required parts included, even the anti-algae solution
- High platform compatibility and flexibility
- Fairly quiet in 7V-mode
- Performance is good
- Possibility of adding VGA and chipset cooler to the setup>
- Manual well written and technical support was good

- Removing the water-block often means having to take your entire system apart
- Should the need arise, its hard (but not impossible) to buy replacement hoses of the correct size, at least here

I live in Austria and the WaterChill KT03 generally retails somewhere between EUR 200 and EUR 230. This is an fairly average to low price for water-cooling kits hereabouts. A quick scan on webpages of other countries also confirms a similar pricing strategy for this type of kit.

Considering the performance and the ease of installation and use, plus the performance vs. noise in 7V-mode, I can only praise the WaterChill™ KT03 kit. If someone asked me to give it marks out of 10, I would give it 9 – loosing one point for the minor issues with the water-block and the fact that the 120mm fan cannot easily be mounted on both sides and cannot be easily controlled whilst in operation or by a rheostat/rheobus. Based on this, I give the WaterChill the Editors Choice Award:

Finally, we would like to thank Asetek for supplying us with the WaterChill kit.

Steffen Scheibler

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