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 Review, Asetek WaterChill Watercooler Kit
Pump and Small Parts
By: Steffen Scheibler, August 29, 2003  Print this article


The pump

The pump is a Hydor L20 with a flow-rate of 700l/h (about 150 US gallons/hr). As the flow-rate of the water doesn't have such a big impact on the cooling performance, this should be more than enough to cope with the thermal loads you can place on this kit. It also makes it easier to keep the noise and vibrations to a minimum. This is particularly important if the kit is designed to be installed inside the casing as vibrations can produce a variety of unpleasant resonant noises.

Pump 1

Pump 1

The reservoir is attached to the pump and glued to prevent leakage. This makes the assembly a very convenient bundle. One thing that you will have to bear in mind when installing this inside your case is that the inlet is on the side and the outlet goes up from the pump, so you have to make sure that you can arrange the pump inside your casing whilst preventing the inlet-hose from developing kinks.

Small parts

Along with this kit come all the small parts you need to install this kit successfully.

Misc Parts

Misc Parts

It also includes a power-connector for the pump assembly, which is used to power the 120mm fan as well. This is connected through a PCI slot and is also connected up to the 110/220V power cable. This is quite convenient as it saves you a power cable. It also powers up the pump and the fan with your system.

Power Connector

Power Connector

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