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 Review, Asetek WaterChill Watercooler Kit
First Impressions
By: Steffen Scheibler, August 29, 2003  Print this article


First impressions
My first impression, based entirely on my thoughts on opening the box was quite a pleasant one. The water-block is nicely designed, the radiator and pump are a nice matt-black and everything had an aura of compactness to it. All in all, I got the distinct impression that the designers had thought things through, and the entire kit seemed to be oriented towards maximum compatibility.

It is also important to remember that in most peoples thoughts, the words "water" and "electronic device" have no business being in the same sentence. The design and ease of installation are essential in lowering the barrier-to-entry in most peoples minds, as watercooling is still considered "black magic" by the majority of PC owners.

In any case, the WaterChill kit comes with all the goodies you will ever need in one neat bundle. You need only add a screwdriver, something to cut the plastic hoses, the ability to read and, of course, a computer.

The inventory of the entire kit:
- Pump (Hydor L20, 700l/h) with attached WaterChill reservoir RSV01
- Hermaphrodite power cord – used to power on/off the pump and fan along with the PC.
- WaterChill radiator RDT01 with attached 120mm Sunon fan
- WaterChill CPU cooler/water-block
- 2 hoses, 10mm/6.5mm and 12mm/8mm, approx. 1m each (~ 3ft)
- One plastic bag full of assorted small parts; screws, clamps, thermal paste, etc.
- Anti-algae solution, enough for 4 complete refills of the system.

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