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 Review, Corsair Hydrocool 200 Watercooler
Mounting the kit
By: Sverre Sjøthun, May 22, 2003  Print this article


The mounting procedure is very well described in the manual, so let's just spend a brief moment on it -- the two white hoseclamps, which seem to be the same kind as you'll find on DangerDens solutions, are used to fasten the hoses to the external cooling unit and to prevent leakage.

Hoseclamps and wire for the controller card

Hoseclamps and wire for the controller card

The wire in the picture is mounted between the power-on on the motherboard and the controller for the cooling unit.

Mounting clips for Intel and AMD platform

Mounting clips for Intel and AMD platform

In the picture above, you'll see the two different processor clips. The frame on top and the middle clips are for P4 systems and the lower clips are for AMD based systems.

The back of the controller card

The back of the controller card

The controller card is mounted in a PCI slot in your case, but does not need a PCI slot on your motherboard. The rubber sleeves are for the waterhoses, and the "monitor-looking" contact is for the interface cable between the computer and external cooling unit.

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