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 Review, Corsair Hydrocool 200 Watercooler
By: Sverre Sjøthun, May 22, 2003  Print this article


Before we go on with the review, let's take a look what's included with this kit:

- External cooling unit
- Waterblock with 540mm 1/4" hoses connected
- 2.5ml Shin Etsu thermal compound
- Interface cable between the PC and cooling unit
- 300ml Additive for the coolant
- Controller card
- Internal power-on splitter
- Hose clamps
- Quick-connect fittings
- Clamping mechanism for both Intel P4 and AMD
- User manual and quick installation guide in English and German

Kit accessories

Kit accessories

- External cooling unit (WxDxH) 160x358x168 mm
- Waterblock (WxDxH) 51x51x7 mm (20mm including fittings)

Other details:
- C/W value: 0.14 in whisper mode, 0.13 in turbo mode
- 600 LPH pump (Manufacturer unavailable at this time)
- Custom made Multichannel radiator
- Capable of removing up to 200W heat
- Monitors for processor temperature and coolant level
- Power consumption: 12V: 1.5A, 5V: 0.25A, System draw is about 14W

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