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DWPG.Com - Review, Prometeia Phase Change Cooler, Part II   
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 Review, Prometeia Phase Change Cooler, Part II
Chip-con Support
By: Sverre Sjøthun, April 29, 2003  Print this article


A company may have the best product in the world, but if their support department fails, it can be a huge drawback. Because of this, we have tested their support system several times, both by email and telephone.

The telephone was very simple and very real, as we did in fact need their support in relation with our first review sample. We gave them a call on the support line, and it took only a few seconds before someone picked up the phone. This is very good. Usually when dealing with companies, we're used to sitting there and waiting for at least a few minutes, and unfortunately as much as 20 minutes at worst.

The troubleshooting was performed professionally by whoever was in the other end. The same thing happened when the Asus motherboard died. We assumed it was the cooling unit that had gone haywire, so we gave them a second call.

Yet again, the phone was answered in seconds, and we soon discovered that the cooling unit was in working order. What got us both to believe it was the powersupply causing the problems we experienced was the fact that the P4 PSU connector was still connected to the board, but after switching powersupplies, we concluded that the motherboard was in fact dead.

Email support on the other hand was a bit slower, although still timely. We sent off a couple of emails from a hotmail account with a number of questions and waited. We did get answers to all of our questions within a day after sending them, so we'll give Chip-con two thumbs up for excellent support as well.

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