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DWPG.Com - Review, Prometeia Phase Change Cooler, Part II   
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 Review, Prometeia Phase Change Cooler, Part II
Benchmarking in 3D Studio Max Continued
By: Sverre Sjøthun, April 29, 2003  Print this article


In the table below, you'll see the round-up of benchmarks results. The Prometeia system ends up with a very impressive second place , only bested by a dual Xeon 2.8b with 2048 MB RAM, 50 seconds ahead of our test system.

All scores in seconds, less is better.

*= Max5 SSE ON, or Max4.26 HT = Hyperthreading Enabled
CPU InfoMemory
Total timeSource
Dual 2.8B Xeon HT [Boxxtech]*2048 Mb @ 266 MHz4/7/2115/38/21423/30/67419Greg H.
P4 3.06@3.98 HT*
Mb @ 692 MHz
Dual 2.8 Xeon [Dell]*2048 Mb @ 800 MHz5/7/2316/44/26730/39/86517Rob W.
Dual 2.4B Xeon* HT1024 Mb @ 266 MHz5/8/2516/45/28134/42/89545Matt V.
Dual 2.8B Xeon [Boxxtech]2048 Mb @ 266 MHz4/7/2316/50/32224/31/71548Greg H.

For even more benchmarkresults, please visit's benchmark database.

In terms of pure rendering power, the combination of a Prometeia and a single P4 3.06 overclocked to 3.98GHz makes for an incredible price/performance ratio -- half the price of the dual Xeon system on top (starting at $4,300.00 at Boxxtech). Surely, if you would choose to use the test system as a Max machine, you should opt for a different videocard, like the Wildcats or Quadros, SCSI disks if you do a lot of movies, and so on, but this is definitely a viable alternative to a dual Xeon system.

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