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 Review, WinBackup by LIUtilities
By: Robert Kropiewnicki, March 3, 2003  Print this article


In this day and age of buggy and bloated applications that promise you everything and the kitchen sink (complete with leaky faucet), it's always nice to use a program that not only does what it is supposed to do, but does it very well. WinBackup qualifies as one of those programs.

It is a no nonsense utility for backup up of your precious data, whether in case of disaster or simply a desire to archive files that aren't accessed enough to make it worth having them take up space on your hard disk. With regards to the latter scenario, it's a big bonus that this archiving utility won't take up much space on your hard disk at all. At just under $40 from the LIUtilities online store, I'd say it's also a bargain.

Many thanks to Johan at LIUtilities for providing us with the WinBackup software for review as well as for answering my many questions in such a quick fashion.

You can find further information about WinBackup at the LIUtilities web site.

Robert Kropiewnicki

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