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 Review, WinBackup by LIUtilities
Installation and Update
By: Robert Kropiewnicki, March 3, 2003  Print this article



Installation was a breeze on both platforms. All it took was walking through the normal series of clicks, reading the EULA, deciding where it was to be installed, and we were done. There wasn't an option for different levels of installation such as automatic, minimal, custom, as there are in some products. Then again, considering the self-extracting setup file was a lightweight 1.5 MB, there was hardly a need. This is one utility that won't eat up a significant chunk of your hard drive.


Updating WinBackup was also pretty painless. Under the Help menu is an option to select Online Support and Updates. As long as you're online this will bring you to the support page where the latest update is available to download. The initial version sent by LIUtilities was 1.43, the latest version available and thus being used for this review is 1.70. The update process seemed to consist of installing the latest version over the version currently on the PC.

There was one slight quirk in the update process that was quickly explained by our contact at LIUtilities, Johan. There was a packaging change in the install process in between the version he sent and what is being used. As a result, upon updating I had to enter a product key number that I did not have as I was never prompted for one at the start. Johan sent over an actual product key right away and the software went back to a full non-expiring version. Johan's quick response and explanation was much appreciated.

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