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 Review, Corsair TwinX 3200 LL DDR RAM
By: Kevin Young, February 12, 2003  Print this article


Let me start my conclusion by stating that while the Corsair TwinX did do 200Fsb @ 2-2-2-6 timings, it didn't do it at the default memory voltage of 2.6V. It took every bit of 2.8V to do it. I asked our contact at Corsair about this and his reply was this:

"Any modules that ship from Corsair were tested at default voltages (2.6 for most NVIDIA boards). It's possible there's something about your configuration, a weak power supply or problem board, that could cause the need to elevate voltage in order to run the modules."

I responded by stating that I had tried both an Enermax 550W and an Antec 400W PSU and both showed normal 3.3V, 5V and 12V rails.

We may very well have received a couple modules that just weren't up to the task. I just can't say, as these were the only modules that I was given to test. Does it bother me personally to run 2.8V through my memory? Not a chance. Might it bother some people? I'm guessing so.

On a related note, Corsair will send us a new set of TwinX modules, and we'll be updating the result as soon as we have tested the new modules. About the voltage issue, Corsair further said - "The bit about the voltage issue isn't what we wanted to happen, and we're disappointed that our module performed this way. (I should probably mention that we only void the warranty if users go above 2.8V, but that's not the point is it). We will do what we would do for any user and replace the parts quickly."

That being said, I wasn't disappointed in the least with the performance of the modules. In fact, after I finished the benches I decided to crank up the FSB to 211, my video card to 325/745 and see what it would do in 3DMark. I was pleasantly surprised to finally break the 15K Mark with my Ti4600

Fig. 9 Finally 15245 points in 3DMark 2001 SE

Fig. 9 Finally 15245 points in 3DMark 2001 SE

Does running faster timings make that much of a difference in your system's performance? Not really. Will it give you the edge over running memory that won't run at these speeds with aggressive timings? A resounding YES! I'll have to say that I have yet to run any ram that will run at these speeds with these timings. I was very pleased with the results as you will be should you decide to run a pair of these modules in your DCDDR system. A big thumbs up to Corsair for the release of their TwinX modules.

Kevin Young

We received two more ram modules and are pleased to announce that they did in fact do the rated speed at the rated voltages. The benchmarks all came at approximately the same numbers (give or take a few points), with the Corsair still on top. I'd like to thank Paul Watkins at Corsair for all his help.

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