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 Review, WinBackup by LIUtilities
Features and Requirements
By: Robert Kropiewnicki, March 3, 2003  Print this article



User Interface
- Very intuitive design with easy to understand icons, names and tooltips
- Flexible file and folder selection similar to Windows Explorer
- Built-in wizards/tutorials and documentation helps to get you started
- Fully multi-threaded user-interface with background processing

- Strong encryption (128 or 256 bit AES) protects your backups from unauthorized access
- Protect your backups with passwords
- Use passwords to prevent others from starting WinBackup

Built-in CD and DVD burning
- Write backups from network or harddrive to CD or DVD
- Fully automatic CD burning can be used with scheduled backups
- CD and DVD spanning allows you to save large backups to multiple CDs or DVDs
- Smart labels and multi-session writing can be used to store many backups on a single CD.

- Schedule backups to run in the background at any time
- Separate schedules can be used for different Backup Jobs

- Compress files to reduce the size of backups
- Estimated compressed size is calculated in realtime for any backup job
- Files are compressed and decompressed on the fly for maximum performance

Other Features
- Backup outlook emails, my documents, desktop, address book or favorites with a single click
- Detailed Logs helps you keep track of all executed backup operations

System Requirements

- Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
- 10 MB of free disk space
- 32 MB of RAM
- Pentium 400 MHz or higher

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