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 Review, Stomp BackUp MyPC
Restore Issue / Conclusion (for now)
By: Robert Kropiewnicki, January 30, 2003  Print this article


Restore Issues

I hit a couple of show stopper issues during the restore portion of our testing. After having selected the files to restore via the Media View function, I chose an alternate location for restoration of the files locally on the hard disk. The software began the process of restoring the files from the CDRW backup I had made and all looked to be moving along beautifully. It was just as the last of the files appeared to have been restored that the problem hit, the test machine got a nice and shiny blue screen of death.

Upon rebooting, I ran a scandisk and a defragmentation of the hard disk and then attempted the restore again. The blue screen of death appeared again. I rebooted and ran scandisk once more and decided it was time to check the Stomp web site for an update. Having found one to update the version from 4.71 to 4.85, I downloaded the update and began the installation. The installation verified that I did have a previous version installed and informed me that it would need to uninstall it prior to installing the latest version. Clicked on Yes to have it perform the uninstall and ran into the second show stopper, the uninstall crashed with an internal error and was unable to proceed.

I closed out the process and went into Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs and attempted the uninstall then and received the same result. Now I found myself stuck with an application that not only crashed my system but could not be removed.

I sent a message to my contact at Stomp about the issues I was having with both updating Backup MyPC as well as the Blue Screen upon restore. The recommendations made by Stomp technical support regarding the inability to uninstall/update the app were of no use. The first recommendation was that the application needed to be install with Local Administrator rights in order to work properly. The account used did indeed have Local Administrator rights, furthermore, I pointed out that there was nothing in the documentation that even noted this necessity. While my background in the I.T. industry led me to login as a Local Admin from past experience, this product is aimed at the every day user who may not be as savvy.

The second recommendation was to use an uninstaller application that they had me download called Windows Install Clean Up. Problem was that the software was packaged via InstallShield and thus was not even recognized in the utility.

On the blue screen issue side, it was suggested that I update the drivers and firmware for the CDRW drive if available. One set of updates later, I still had no joy. At that point, I re-installed Win2K Service Pack 2 and re-tried both the update process and restore process, still no luck. I updated the PC to Service Pack 3 and re-tried once again and still no luck.

I flirted with the idea at this point that the BSOD may be due to a bad CD so I tried it at home on an Athlon system running Windows 98 SE. Wouldn't you know it, the installation, update process, and restore all worked like a charm. This left me with something of a quandry in that it worked as advertised on one platform but not on another even though the platform it did not work on did meet all of the software's requirements.

Conclusion (for now)

Because of the nature of the issues I am seeing, I find it hard to endorse this software for others to use until I can get a better explanation of why I was not able to update or uninstall the software in Windows 2000 despite the fact that the account used for the install had local administrator priveleges as well as why the software continues to generate a blue screen of death upon a restore on a machine that has never given me any problems with other applications.

I look forward to hearing from Stomp, Inc. on this matter, and we will naturally post an update of this review as new developments arise.

Robert Kropiewnicki

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  Restore Issue / Conclusion (for now)

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