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 Review, Logitech Z-540 computer speakers
By: Sverre Sjøthun, November 7, 2002  Print this article


Steak for the price of a hot dog?

Yes, that’s the feeling I have after having used them for about a week. To me it was important when reviewing this set to remember that this is not a $8000 stereo, but a $80 speaker set. In my opinion, it’s worth every single penny, even if you don’t use the rear speakers. Of course, if your soundcard or motherboard supports 4.1 surround, it’s even more value added.

These speakers kept impressing me on whatever I threw on them, be it any sort of music, gaming or a DVD movie. I have only a few minor complaints – the power-on diode is bright blue and gives a very sharp glare right in my eyes, and is not very comfortable. If you do not angle the satellites inwards to the listening position, you do not have these problems, but you miss the intense stereo perspective this gives you.

The glaring blue power on LED

The glaring blue power on LED

My second complaint is the control buttons. Even if they are ever so stylish, they are small, coned and hard to operate easily. Making them a bit bigger, easier to turn or better grip will easily remedy this. My third, and last, complaint is the level control on the subwoofer. In my opinion, there is too much bass, and I had to compensate for that in WinAmp. This might be a way of compensating for lack of deep bass, but your music should not “drown” in bass booming. This is of course a personal preference, just as I can’t stand Cerwin Vega speakers.

The coned buttons

The coned buttons

Based on this, my ratings are as follows:


- Great value
- Stylish design
- Great sound
- Handeled everything thrown at it


- Power LED too bright
- Controlbuttons hard to operate
- Too much bass with no way to decrease the level.

Sverre Sjøthun

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