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 Review, Logitech Z-540 computer speakers
By: Sverre Sjøthun, November 7, 2002  Print this article

Logitech has been around for a while, and is known for overall good products. Today, we take a closer look at Logitech


Computer speakers are a contradiction in terms – they are extremely small, yet the manufacturers promise 400W heart pounding bass, crystal clear treble and fantastic midrange and what not. Here’s a keyword -- Physics. There is no way you can get all that from some 10x10x10cm plastic enclosures and an 8”sub-woofer. To get all that, you need weight and volume -- it’s not a coincidence that great tenors, almost without exception are, politically correct speaking, “big men”. You simply need weight and volume to produce.

Size versus sound quality, the Logitech satellite on top of my right speaker

Size versus sound quality, the Logitech satellite on top of my right speaker

By now, you probably have a feeling that I’m pretty passionate about sound, and that is correct. Sound, and more specifically high-end stereo equipment is my other vice. To give you an idea, the ScanSpeak D2905/9700 tweeters in my front speakers cost 3 times the Z-540 each. Each speaker weighs in at 55Kg. I’m not a fanatic, but you may call me a demanding listener.

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