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 Review, Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop
Programming buttons and special features
By: Sverre Sjøthun, November 1, 2002  Print this article


Most of us will never use anything but default settings on everything, but the software allows you to edit almost every possible setting, ranging from pointer speed and button assignments on the mouse to custom special feature button settings on your keyboard.

If you choose to reassign some of the buttons to do a particular task, or just fine-tune the movement of your pointer or scroll-wheel, it couldn’t have been much easier. You have one control panel for each of the units under the Start button.

The main menu for your mouse

The main menu for your mouse

One function that I found quite useful is a “Set Orientation” function. It’s almost the same as pointer speed, but it’s fine-tuning the movement to the way you actually use the mouse.

The Set Orientation feature

The Set Orientation feature

Another nice feature, especially for those of you that do a lot of typing, is that the software auto-hides the pointer while you’re typing. When you stop typing, the pointer becomes visible again.

Hiding the pointer while typing

Hiding the pointer while typing

I'm not going to bore you with details about all the options available, and there are plenty, but these are among the keyfeatures I found most useful after having used this combination for about a month.

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  Programming buttons and special features
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