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 Review, MIST - Silent Twin
Mounting and testing
By: Sverre Sjøthun, September 25, 2002  Print this article


The mounting of this heatsink was a non event, hardly worth the time to describe it. Anyway, the Arctic Silver II was removed from the CPU after the DangerDen Maze3 review and replaced by Arctic Alumina which came along with the Silent Twin cooler. The Arctic Alumina is obviously not as good as the Arctic Silver II, but it's not bad at all, probably one of the best you can get in that price range.

After having applied a nice and even layer of the thermal compound, the heatsink was securely fastened to the socket and both fans hooked up to the motherboard fan headers in a matter of seconds. Like I said, a non event.

The Silent Twin mounted

The Silent Twin mounted

After having powered up the machine, you finally understand why it's called Silent Twin. Hardly any noise from the fans on the heatsinks are noticable, and I think that the noise I hear is from the harddrives and the power supply, a super silent triple fan PSU from PST. So in the regard of noiselevel, I think we can say that the mission is accomplished.

The test bed

- AMD Thunderbird 1.4GHz AYHJA stepping
- Abit KG7 RAID
- 2x256MB Crucial 2100DDR, none parity
- 2xMaxtor D740X, RAID0 (disk striping)
- Elsa Gladiac GTS2
- PST 520W triple fan powersupply
- Windows XP Pro operating system

The temperatures are of course not even near the temperatures of one of those screamers you find on the market, but it's not really bad. The case temperature during this test was 22C, and testing with the Thunderbird 1.4GHz processor gave us an idle temperature of 49C, a deltaT of 27 degrees. Now, for the real 100% load testing we ran Genome@home for 30 minutes to see how high we could get, and it leveled out at 66C, with a deltaT of 44 degrees. A little bit too high for my liking, but what happens now if one of the fans failes?

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