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 Review, DangerDen Maze 3 Watercooler
By: Sverre Sjøthun, September 6, 2002  Print this article


This kit is so far the "hardest" kit I have reviewed. Or rather, the kit I've spent most time working with. Why? Because the performance didn't quite add up. This is the third AMD block I have recieved from DangerDen, and I never got the kit to perform the way I expected it to perform. I recieved the first block, a Maze2 about 3 months ago, at that time along with a SuperCube radiator. I contacted DangerDen about what I though was a production failure, and together, we started troubleshooting.

It all ended up with DangerDen sending me a second kit, this time their new Maze3 and a Black Ice radiator. Unfortunately, after a number of times reseating the waterblock and reapplying Arctic Silver, the numbers are still more or less the same. Compared to the other kits, this kits has the lowest performance of them all, including the cheap $145 kit from CoolComputers, and the temperatures are as much as 7 degrees higer than the best performing kit at 1.6GHz, full load.

But even though the performance isn't exactly what I'd call stunning, this kit has other, very appealing, qualities. First off, the waterblock looks very cool with it's clear plexi lid, and would look really great in a window modded case. An idea I've had is to drill a small hole in the lid and put a small LED in it. I think that would make for a really nice effect.

Like I touched upon in the initial description of this kit, it wouldn't hurt if DangerDen did something with the finish of the base of the block. And while they're at it sandblasting the inside of the block, why not sandblast the sides as well? When it comes to the retention mechanism, it works very well, but making the nylon bolts about 10mm shorter would make it easier to mount, and wouldn't cost anything at all in the production line.

Furthermore, the radiator is so small that if you can fit a 120mm fan somewhere in your case, you can fit the radiator there as well. This means that with a mid tower or perhaps even a micro tower, you can use this kit. I'll leave it to you to decide if the kit is worth the $185, as it depends what you're after, but if what you're looking for is a high performance cooling solution, there are better options on the market.

Finally, our rating are as follows:

- Small
- Easy to mount
- Good design
- Good modding potential
- Cool factor

- Not exactly stunning performance
- Nylonbolts are too long
- Hoseclamps are hard to remove
- Finish could be better

I'd like to suggest that you check out our other reviews for comparison:

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Part 2, Swiftech H202-C
Part 3, CoolComputers Tri-Arc Custom Kit

Finally, I would like to thank DangerDen for providing us with this kit.

Sverre Sjøthun

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