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 Review, DangerDen Maze 3 Watercooler
Mounting the kit
By: Sverre Sjøthun, September 6, 2002  Print this article


The assembly of the kit was done in less than 30 minutes, including the removal of the heatsink, removing old and applying a new layer of Arctic Silver. The most time consuming part is the mounting of the waterblock, since you have to take out the motherboard to mount the four nylon bolts in the four holes around the processor socket. One thing that can be quite annoying is the fact that the nylon bolts provided are too long, and it takes ages to screw the hex nuts on. What I did was to simply cut of the exceeding lenght of the top. Problem fixed.

The waterblock mounted

The waterblock mounted

After that, it's really easy, just make sure to fasten the hex nuts in a criss cross pattern so that you get a nice and even pressure on the processor core. Failing to do so vill result in poor contact between the processor and the waterblock, and thus increasing the temperatures.

The hoses included with this kit are made of silicone, and are very flexible and easy to place, even if your case is crowded. I'm not quite sure what I prefer -- PVC or silicone. PVC is obviously cheaper than the silicone, but I feel that I have a little bit better control over the "bending characteristics" of a PVC hose. When bending the PVC hose, it is getting flatter and flatter, whilst silicone goes from nice and round to completely flat, so if you need some really sharp beds, you might want to use a T or L joint instead.


CoolComputer's(on top) Vs DangerDen's hoses

The pictue above illustrates the difference between two quality silicone hoses -- one from Cool Computers(on the top) and one from DangerDen (on the bottom). As you can see, the DangerDen is a little bit less susceptible to kinks than the Cool Computers hose, but it's also a little bit less flexible because of the slightly thicker walls. But like I mentioned earlier, this is easily remedied by an L joint.

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