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 Review, DangerDen Maze 3 Watercooler
Construction in detail
By: Sverre Sjøthun, September 6, 2002  Print this article


The radiator is a multichannel type, black anodized aluminum, and looks to be a great performer for its size. Due to it's small size, it should be very easy to place in a mid tower, or even a mini tower. The pump used in this kit is the Eheim 1048, like most of the kits reviewed so far. The pump is really great and has a very low noise level. All fittings are standard barb hose type, and assembling the kit for the leak test took me roughly 10 minutes.

The Black Ice Pro EVO

The Black Ice Pro EVO

The waterblock is based on their maze structure. The flowpath is milled into a solid chunk of copper, and they have added a pattern in the bottom of the waterblock. It looks really cool, and in addition, it adds turbulence and surface area. To further improve the cooling capacity, the inside of the waterblock is sandblasted, giving it a somewhat rough surface which also adds turbulence and prevents laminar flow aka. skin effect.

The finish of the base of the block could have been better. It is obviously hand lapped and there is nothing wrong with that -- but when you see the finish of competing products, it is my opinion that they should have put a little bit more effort into it. There were also small scratches and dents on my sample, or in fact every sample, as I have 5 blocks from them including Maze1, 2, GPU and chipset. All of which has the same, somewhat coarse finish.

The Maze3 waterblock

The Maze3 waterblock

The base of the Maze3

The base of the Maze3

The lid of the Maze3 differs from its predecessors by the use of an acrylic lid instead of the soldered solid copper lid they used earlier. There might be a performance penalty using the acrylic lid instead of copper, but it adds so much more to the visual aspect. The block is sealed with a black O-ring, and the DangerDen logo is sandblasted on top. Very nice. As usual, the retention mechanism is the four vinyl bolts -- an easy and very safe way of securing the waterblock to the processor.

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