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 Review, Stomp BackUp MyPC
By: Robert Kropiewnicki, January 30, 2003  Print this article



Installation was a breeze. There is only a standard install and thus no worries about which options you really need installed. I noticed that Stomp has not yet removed all signs that this was once a Veritas product from some of the screens, including the initial splash screen upon inserting the CD. This may simply be due to how recently Stomp had purchased the product line from Veritas or they may be leaning a bit on the reputation of Veritas as an enterprise level application developer.

Initial Splash Screen

Initial Splash Screen

Stomp also includes Veritas StorageGuard v2.6 on the CD, however we will not be including that software as part of this review.

Product updates are available via the Stomp, Inc. web site. This review is based on version 4.71 which came on the CD.

After the install was complete and the machine had rebooted, it was now time to start up the application and see what it could do. I was pleasantly surprised that it did not ask me any information about my PC, my hard drives, or the backup device I intended on using despite the fact that I would be using an HP 8200 USB CDRW.

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