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 Review, Stomp BackUp MyPC
By: Robert Kropiewnicki, January 30, 2003  Print this article

It is the nature of the overclocking enthusiast to push the limits of what their hardware can do. Occasionally we push our systems too far and hardware fails. When that hardware does fail, the ability to restore important data from backup is crucial. Today, we will take a look at software meant to make both the backup and restore portion easier.


There may be no phrase that can more quickly put a lump in a computer enthusiast's throat than "hard disk failure". Replacing processors, motherboards, and add-in cards may tighten one's wallet, but at least the install is reasonably quick and painless to the experienced user. Having to replace not only the hard disk, but any data that may have been lost due to the lack of a backup, presents a more painstaking chore.

In this day and age of cheap CD re-writeables (CD-RW) and even cheaper CD recordables (CD-R) it seems almost ludicrous not to have adequate backups of the data on one's PC. This is especially true if you're an overclocking enthusiast, and thus by definition, more likely to suffer a hardware failure and potentially loss of data.

Stomps BackUp MyPC

Stomps BackUp MyPC

To keep the backup and restore process from being a major chore, the software must be up to the task in terms of flexibility and ease of use. The product we are looking at in this review, Stomp's BackUp MyPC (Formerly BackUp Exec Desktop by VERITAS) aims to fill that role.

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