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 Review, CoolComputers Tri-Arc Watercooler
By: Sverre Sjøthun, May 2, 2002  Print this article


CoolComputers have managed to produce a deadly combination here; Great performance at a very affortable price -- and this is one of their most expensive kits at that. The finish and quality of this product is great, it's relatively easy to mount and the performance is on par with much more expensive coolers. I would, however, like to see a clamping mechanism that use all six socket lugs to be absolutely sure you won't end up ripping them off.

One thing that I find a bit annoying is that the pump is a bit more noisy than the Eheim series -- even their 1250 model, capable of some 1200LPH, is more quiet than the Rio180. The two Papst fans has a noiselevel of about 25dB, and the same with our new TSP 520W triple-fan PSU, so it was easy to hear the pump. If we hadn't run this setup with the case open, I'm sure it wouldn't be that noticable, but I thought this at least would be worth a mention.

Another good thing is that you can make your own custom kit, as all parts use the standard 3/8" fittings. On top of that, the waterblocks comes in different colors as well; blue, black, natural aluminum etc. Furthermore, you can get a matching chipsetcooler and GeForce3 watercooler (Yes, the GeForce cooler is based on our own Project Stealth tutorial).

The Chipsetcooler with TEC module

The Chipsetcooler with TEC module

The GeForce3 videocard cooler

The GeForce3 videocard cooler

All in all, we were really impressed with this setup, and with a price of $150 for the European version and only $145 for the US version, this kit will give you a lot of "bang for the bucks".

Our rating are as follows:


- Relatively easy to install
- Good technical solutions
- Looks good
- Compact design
- Good scalability


- Pump is a bit noisy
- Silicone hoses may bend
- The clamping should use six socket lugs

Make sure to read the rest of this roundup as well:

Part 1, innovaCOOL Rev 3.0
Part 2, Swiftech H202-C

Finally, I would like to thank CoolComputers for providing us with this kit.

Sverre Sjøthun

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