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 Review, WinTasks 4 Pro
The user manual
By: Steffen Scheibler, April 4, 2002  Print this article


The manual for WinTasks is not what I would term “essential” reading, but it does pay to have a look. A number of things are explained there that will aid in configuring WinTasks to do exactly what you need it to do. The manual is in PDF format and is 14 pages long, so you can print it without having to destroy an entire forest.

Examining Processes

Managing tasks with WinTasks is much like managing them in the WinNT based operating systems, only with a few extra buttons and features added on:

- You can list all the windows that belong to a process
- You can list all the loaded modules (DLL, etc) that are in use by a process
- Statistics for a given process (CPU/Memory usage over time)
- Logging of process activity (modules, windows opened/closed, and the like)

All the above can be quite useful in debugging when you are suffering from mysterious program errors.

The Autostart Button

In addition to process monitoring, you can view all the programs that will auto-start on this machine (taking into account the user currently logged on). This can also be useful as a quick overview. This feature allows you to add, remove and disable applications and/or programs as you see fit. Another feature that can be of use is the ever-present “Print” icon. There is hardly a screen, window or part of the application that cannot be printed. While only useful in certain instances, it might make the life of a network administrator easier if you want to compare the output from several machines.


One of the better features of this program is the ability to make preset configurations of process priorities, which makes WinTasks a genuinely useful tool for tweaking your PC for optimum performance. WinTaks allows you to save a total of 4 presets which can be instantly applied at any time with the click of a button.

However, the user should be aware of some limitation in the implementation of this feature. Basically this feature encounters some problems when there are several threads started by the same executable running. The problem manifests itself as follows (this may be tricky to follow):

Let's say you have 3 instances of "iexplore.exe" running, then you change the priority of the second instance to "low" and then save the profile. This will result in that only the priority of the last "iexplore.exe" process is the one that is saved (which in this case is "normal"). This means that when loading the configuration you just saved, all tasks with the executable "iexplore.exe" are set to "normal" and thus the second instance of "iexplore.exe" will be back to priority level "normal".

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  Starting the program
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  The user manual

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