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 Review, WinTasks 4 Pro
Basic task-manager functions
By: Steffen Scheibler, April 4, 2002  Print this article


Starting a new process can be done via the file-menu or the "Start" button. Changing priorities can be more easily done via the increase/decrease priority buttons or using the hot-keys, while processes can be killed with the click of a single button.

Changing Priorities In WinTasks Pro

Changing Priorities In WinTasks Pro

A charting tool (statistics) is also built into WinTasks, which is somewhat more advanced than the standard Windows NT-based task-managers version. The only thing missing is the "CPU Time" column, which may be of limited use, but is nice to have anyway.

Note: Even under Windows NT/2000/XP you cannot set the priority of a process to anything other than "low", "normal", "high" or "realtime", even though the operating system supports other priority-levels.

Extended Task-Manager Functions

Some of the extended task-manager functions are the ability to search the list of tasks based on a keyword. The search operates only via the process name and not the executable, which caused me some initial confusion. I feel that the search should also include the executable as this is something I would tend to search for, rather than the process name. Having said that, I couldn't find any instances where the search didn't find something that it should, found things that it shouldn't or did anything else unexpected.

WinTasks 4 allows you to make your own notes about any given process, which is displayed on the bottom of the WinTasks window. By default this is turned on, and is something you hardly notice. The description can be saved and is bound to the executable, not the process name.

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