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 Review, WinTasks 4 Pro
Starting the program
By: Steffen Scheibler, April 4, 2002  Print this article


Launching the program is quite easily done by clicking on the icon in the start-menu. The program can also be set to auto-start if you so desire. WinTasks is a stand-alone program and as such does not require a service running in the background.


In my opinion, the layout is not something that should have a massive priority in such an application – This type of application is not intended for the light-hearted in any case and for the technically savvy the layout is more than adequate. Nothing more is necessary and would in any case probably detract from the true functionality. The wording may be a bit confusing to some people depending on their experience with the English language, however, a brief glance at the manual will resolve these issues.

A screen shot of WinTasks 4 Professional

A screen shot of WinTasks 4 Professional

As can be seen from this screen-shot, WinTasks 4 is a more than viable alternative to even the Windows NT based task-manager in terms of functionality, let alone the much slicker interface.

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  Starting the program
  Basic task-manager functions
  The user manual

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