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 Review, Bargain Basement PC
The Performance
By: Steffen Scheibler, April 9, 2002  Print this article


Where would we be without our benchmarks? My preload image contains SiSoft Sandra, which I updated to the latest version and let it run some of the benchmarks. The performance isn’t half bad.

I took each of these benchmarks 3 times to make sure the values I got were in the same range. If they were, and they always were, I simply took a screen-shot of the last result

CPU Arithmetic Benchmark
866/133MHz (ALU/FPU): 2313 MIPS/1170 MFLOPS
943/145MHz (ALU/FPU): 2511 MIPS/1270 MFLOPS

CPU Multimedia Benchmark
866/133MHz (iSSE / Floating Point iSSE): 4712 / 5777 (it/s)
943/145MHz (iSSE / Floating Point iSSE): 5126 / 6272 (it/s)

Memory Benchmark
866/133MHz (Int, buffered / Float, buffered): 689 / 660 MB/s
943/145MHz (Int, buffered / Float, buffered): 726 / 703 MB/s

Hard Disk Benchmark
866/133MHz: 19365 index points
943/145MHz: 18671 index points

CD-ROM Benchmark
866/133MHz: 2243 index points
943/145MHz: 2534 index points

Network/LAN Benchmark
866/133MHz: 10668 kB/s
943/145MHz: 10668 kB/s

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