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 Review, Swiftech H202-C watercooler
By: Sverre Sjøthun, March 16, 2002  Print this article


Swiftech has done a good job designing this kit – it is fully compatible with both AMD Socket A and Intel Pentium4 platforms and fits all motherboards as it is within the specs of the "no components" zone on both platforms. The quick connect fittings are great; you just push the hose into the fitting and it’s securely fixed. You can remove the hose only by using a tool that is supplied with this kit.

The installation of this kit is a bit time consuming, and you will have to cut holes in your case to install the radiator. In some cases you can install the radiator between the front bezel and chassis, but you usually have to start cutting your case. My estimate is 2 to 3 hours of work, plus pre-testing for leaks et cetra. But once it’s mounted, there is not really much that could go wrong, even during transportation of your computer. Like mentioned earlier, this kit also included a pump relay assy that makes the pump kick in when you power up your coumputer. This is a very nice feature which further proves that this kit is very well planned.

Fig. 13 The pump relay assy

Fig. 13 The pump relay assy

Another good thing about this kit is its upgrade path. If you feel that it’s not cooling enough, or want to go extreme, Swiftech is offering a nice upgrade package containing a 226W peltier element, coldplate, insulation and a 320W powersupply. This will definitely bring your temperatures below zero degrees Celsius.

Aesthetically, the Swiftech is in my opinion a winner. Their characteristic blue anodized waterblock with the copper base is a piece of art, and even though it may not be the best performer, it’s definitely a good choice. The wide variety of equipment, platform compatibility and overall build quality makes this kit something that’s definitely worth considering. This kit has a suggested retailer price at $230.75USD


- Platform and motherboard compatibility
- Great visual appearance
- Good upgrade options
- Detailed user manual


- Time consuming installation
- Leaked during testing
- Not the best performer, although acceptable

Part 1, innovaCOOL Rev 3.0
Part 3, CoolComputers Tri-Arc Custom Kit

Finally, I would like to thank Swiftech for providing us with this kit.

Sverre Sjøthun

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