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 Project Stealth Cooling
Future plans and expectations
By: Sverre Sjøthun, August 9, 2001  Print this article


That’s about all for now as the tank has only just been filled. I'm now running my coolant out of the ground tank, (just had to get it bodged up quick to see some results for all the effort). Temps are not low yet, only 18°C, as the coolant, 100 + litres, has only just gone in so it will take a while to cool to the ground temp. I theory it should go to about 9°C eventually as that is the yearly average here. It might take a week or two though for the complete area I dug up; the hole, the tank & coolant to settle back down to the underground temps.......... or of course I could be wrong…

The Eheim 1250 is giving reasonable flow so far, but I will be using a domestic UK central heating pump on the finished build. Last pics are of the flow rate with the Ehiem, which is ok but could do with being a bit faster. Remember it is going through the manifolds and all waterblocks, plus 16 meters of nylon tubing and a few meters of plastic tubing. Outlet shown is ¼ BSP.

Fig. 48 Water outlet

Fig. 48 Water outlet

Fig. 49 More water flowing

Fig. 49 More water flowing

Fig. 50 Submerged Eheim 1250

Fig. 50 Submerged Eheim 1250

A final note. I now have only one fan in the system. Just for interest I set Windows to turn off the single HDD I have in the PC at the moment after 1 min. This it did and I then stopped the PSU fan with a pen for a few seconds. WOW!! Total silence running at 1596Mhz, 145fsb with an o/c'd GF3

And the story goes on:

Jonathan "BladeRunner" Spencer who wrote this tutorial has started his own site where he restlessly keep up his quest for a completely silent computer. I insist that you all head over to his site and have a look: ZeroFanZone. You can also direct any questions related to this tutorial to Jonathan.

Sverre Sjøthun

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